TX Sector

New Edition to the shed | TX Sector

TX-Sector was produced by Premier / Gottlieb in 1988. 2336 machines were made.

TX-Sector has as one of only three pinball machines a Vitrigraph playfield besides the games Victory and Diamond Lady.

The pinball machine creates the illusion to teleport the ball by so-called staged balls that are hidden and released when needed.

The game was praised by Classic Game Room’ review for its music and sound effects, which raised the machine’s market value.

The Sound is amazing, clear effects and a awesome soundtrack go hand in hand together coupled with the top mounted speakers and bass driver in the cabinet give exceptional spatial separation and depth.

Playing TX Sector is very addictive, in our first ball we clocked over 2.5 million.

TX-Sector uses a clever gimmick: it invisibly “teleports” the ball
from one area of the play field to another. It accomplishes this by
using staged balls. If you’re unfamiliar with that pinball term, a
staged ball is a special kind of ball lock (not part of the regular
Multiball lock sequence) that holds the ball into a ready position, to
be quickly released when needed by the game, without requiring the
player to wait for the ball to be mechanically moved. A typical
modern game only uses staged balls to speed up regular gameplay, but
TX-Sector takes the idea to its extreme, making it the central focus
of the game. A minimum of one ball is kept staged at all times. TX-
Sector is a 3-ball game, but because of this, it only has a 2-ball

Other machines made by Premier / Gottlieb during the time period TX-Sector was produced include Excalibur, Robo-War, Diamond Lady, Bad Girls, Exterminator, Chutes, The (never produced), Amazon Hunt II, Monte Carlo, Ace High, and Rock Encore.