Featured Pinball – Bad Cats

Bad Cats was produced by Williams Electronics, Inc.  in 1989.

The idea behind Bad Cats is to hit targets, spell words, achieve multi-balls and create the most mischief possible.

There are two ramps-one on the left side that drains the ball down the right side lane to the right flipper.

The other ramp is up the middle and spells “MEOW”. It drains the ball down the left side lane. At the start of the third ball, the left ramp is lit for 20 million. If you shoot it two consecutive times, you are awarded the points. The left ramp also plays a roll in the multi-ball feature.

Other machines made by Williams Electronics, Inc. during the time period Bad Cats was produced include Alley Cats, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Sorcerer,  Shuffle Alley, and High Steel.